Double Sided Pet Comb


Double Sided Pet Comb

DUAL DOUBLE-SIDED COMBS: Equipped with pins on not one but BOTH sides, this dual-sided flea comb for small dogs, puppies, kittens & cats is the #1 grooming tool among DIY home groomers & professionals.

  • STAINLESS STEEL PET COMB TEETH: Made out of ultra strength stainless steel, the teeth of our flea comb for cats & dogs are strong enough to remove tangles & knots
  • The wide path side is recommended for gently combing your pet’s fur to remove live or dead fleas. 
  • The other side of the Poodle Pet flea comb with handle features closely spaced steel teeth that are best for eliminating flea eggs that have been laid on your dog or cat’s skin.
  • Comb your pet’s hair regularly to provide him or her with itch-free relief the safe, easy & natural way. No need for pesticides, harsh dips or toxic chemical treatments.
Material Plastic, Metal
Brand Poodle Pet
Hair Type All
Size 1 Count (Pack of 1)
Power Source Manual

Double Sided Pet Comb have 2 sides.Course Comb on one side and a Fine Comb on the other sideNon-slip handleCoarse Comb loosens dense matted furFine.


  • Double Sided Comb For Pets
  • Designed For All Your Little critters, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs
  • Its for everyone
  • With its comfortable grip handle design and fine teeth for styling
  • Great for removing dirt, dead hair and eases knots and tangles

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